There are important but easy tactics to follow when using Twitter to market your business and establish your brand. In addition to a focused social media strategy and well-developed social media policy, success on Twitter depends on how much time and consistency you dedicate to your efforts, and your network, which is the community that you choose to follow and engage with. Here are some tips to get you started:

Step one: Create a list of the types of individuals, organizations, and partners on Twitter who may be helpful to you in achieving your goals. Organzine the list based on the type and size of audience served.

Step two: Create a communications matrix. Access the needs of each organization and individual you want to connect with and how your interactions can be mutually beneficial. Rank the list based on how well your communications will support your overall strategy.

Step three: Follow the profile and establish a relationship. Follow the individuals and organizations, engage in a meaningful manner, and, if appropriate, request they follow you too. Be prepared to explain why their audience would benefit from seeing your content.

Overall goal: Your goal is to provide an interesting and varied stream of content that aligns with your marketing strategy, is shareable, and would be of interest to your followers. Followers will accumulate based on the quality, quantity, consistency, and relevance of your content.

Following these steps to maximize your success on Twitter will help expand and strengthen your company’s reach. You will amplify your brand, its message, and create trustworthiness. Having a robust network will strengthen your reputation and can help boost traffic to your business. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, we’re here to help! Email us or call toll free (844) 447-7963.