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Our Pryme ScoreSM rates your company’s digital and social media risks and online reputation.

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What is a Pryme Score?

A Pryme Score is a number (out of 100) that rates your company’s digital and social media risks and online reputation.

Your Pryme Score is a measure of your company’s digital and social media risk profile.  It’s a leading indicator of your company’s risks and vulnerabilities in digital and social media as well as how your company engages with customers.

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How is a Pryme Score calculated?

We use a proprietary algorithm to calculate your Pryme Score, which is based on publicly available information about your company. We examine dozens of digital and social media attributes to score your company’s footprint in four risk categories:

  • Strategic Risks
  • Compliance Risks
  • Operational Risks
  • Reputational Risks

The score is calculated for each category then weighted and combined to reach your final Pryme Score.

Types of risk we analyze:

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Strategic Risks

How effectively do you maximize opportunities?

  • Have you reserved or claimed your business profiles on relevant social media platforms?
  • Do you use social data to inform your sales, advertising or marketing efforts?
  • Are you monitoring competitors’ social media activities and adjusting your strategy?
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Compliance Risks 

Do you adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements?

  • Do you have social media policies, guidelines and other governance controls in place?
  • Do you have a compliance review process for social media content?
  • Are you in compliance with federal, state and industry laws and regulations?
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Operational Risks

How robust are internal processes and procedures?

  • Does your organization archive content from your social media profiles?
  • Do you have access and password management processes in place?
  • Do your data and cybersecurity policies include social media threats?
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Reputational Risks

How well do you manage your reputation online?

  • Are your social media profiles complete, on brand and consistent across platforms?
  • Do senior executives actively manage their personal brands on social media?
  • Does your company receive and respond to ratings and reviews from customers?

Pryme Score + Mini-Audit = Actionable Insights

Your online reputation isn’t always an accurate reflection of how your company does business. In fact, how you’re perceived by others as a result of your digital and social media activities is often at odds with how your company actually operates or serves its customers. 

To help you understand your company’s online risks and reputation, we provide a Mini-Audit in addition to your Pryme Score.

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What’s a Mini-Audit?

A Mini-Audit is a brief, descriptive analysis of how your company shows up online.

We manually review several key areas of your digital footprint including your public website, social media profiles and pages, employee and customer reviews and ratings and online directory listings.

Your Mini-Audit is a valuable snapshot that includes useful, actionable observations and insights so you can immediately begin to address gaps, risks and opportunities in social media.

9 Reasons to Get a Pryme Score

  • Have a 360-degree view of your digital and social media footprint with an objective audit

  • Gain insights into current or potential risk issues

  • Pinpoint potential compliance gaps before they become costly and time-consuming to remedy

  • Assess your online reputation to see if it accurately reflects your business

  • Gain competitive intelligence by learning how you stack up against your competitors

  • Identify strategic business opportunities where social media could be used more efficiently and effectively

  • Increase efficiency by consolidating social profiles that are ineffective and focusing on those that are successful

  • Focus on the social networks that are important for your target markets

  • Develop appropriate training for employees depending on their role and use of social media

How well does your company manage digital media risks?

Our Pryme ScoreSM rates your company’s digital and social media risks and online reputation.

Want to know your Pryme Score?

Request Your Company’s Complimentary Pryme Score
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About Pryme Group

Pryme Group has a unique blend of expertise in technology, marketing, risk and business. We also have decades of experience in digital and social media. We’re experts at measuring, deciphering and analyzing the public signals that make up your digital and social media risk profile.

We developed the Pryme Score as a method to assess a company’s risks in social media as well as their online reputation.