Digital Media Risk Management

Digital media risks can impact regulated companies at every level of business.

Regulated companies are particularly exposed to risks in digital and social media.

Organizations that have a mature approach are able to more effectively manage the risks associated with their digital and social media activities.

They can often avoid costly and time-consuming litigation, reduce the risk of non-compliance and act proactively to protect their brand’s reputation.

Pryme Group helps to ensure your organization has mature governance, processes and policies in place to mitigate the risks associated with your digital and social media activities.

We also provide training and staffing services to ensure your digital media risk and compliance requirements continue to be held to a high standard.

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5 Stages of Social Media Maturity

Digital media risks include:


Strategic Risks

How effectively do you maximize opportunities?

  • Losing market share and falling behind competitors who are using digital and social media effectively
  • Inability to hire high-quality candidates due to inadequate or low-quality branding and content
Strategic Risk Solutions
Compliance Risks Icon

Compliance Risks 

Do you adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements?

  • Risk of lawsuits due to rogue or untrained employees or partners posting confidential customer content
  • Business downtime, legal costs and fines due to non-compliance with required regulations
Compliance Risk Solutions
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Operational Risks

How robust are internal processes and procedures?

  • Inefficiencies and higher costs due to inconsistent department processes
  • Fraud, data breaches and privacy issues due to lack of digital and social media policies
  • Higher cyberinsurance costs due to cyberattacks originating in digital and social media
Operational Risk Solutions
Reputational Risks Icon

Reputational Risks

How well do you manage your reputation online?

  • Inability to use digital and/or social media to respond quickly and appropriately to a crisis or disaster
  • Reputational damage due to poor online ratings or reviews
  • Loss of customers due to lack of responsiveness to comments and questions in social media
Reputational Risk Solutions

How well does your company manage digital media risks?

Our Pryme ScoreSM rates your company’s digital and social media risks and online reputation.

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