Ever notice how your quiet, shy Aunt Betsy is actually quite vocal about her political opinions on her Facebook page? Or that one friend who just loves to post photos of every restaurant meal they have?

We’ve noticed that social media users develop a certain kind of personality online.

Sometimes that personality reflects their personality in real life – and sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, we noticed that there are some common characteristics that we categorized into interesting personality types. For your pleasure, we present them here.

The 7 Personalities of Social Media:

#1 The Romanticist/Drama Queen

7 Social Media Personalities - The Drama Queen

Ah yes – this is the person who’s always posting about their family and relationship drama – the breakup, the makeup and everything in between. As in “woohoo! I’m single/dating/in a relationship/engaged/married/divorced/single!” or “I’m a proud dad/mom/grandma” etc. Posts are usually accompanies by lots of pics of family/kids and friends and community, some sort of “proof” that this person has a supportive network.

Posts are often of cute puppy/baby/rainbow/waterfall/ocean pics and inspirational quotes posts.

The Romanticist/Drama Queen is most often found on Facebook and Instagram, because they can tell a story and accompany it with lots of pictures to illustrate even more with visual and theatrical details.

#2 The High-Five Evangelist

7 Social Media Personalities - The Evangelist

The Evangelist is a personality that’s likely to be a closet or real-life marketer. Usually someone who’s constantly promoting social media or some other favorite topic and how great it is. “Yay, I’m so happy to be doing this great work with such an awesome team/product/company!”.

Occasionally, these personalities are companies with sponsored/paid by posts. People and businesses who like to think of themselves as a subject matter expert in some field or industry, or is trying to position themselves as a thought leader on a specific topic.

Usually uses lots of hashtags and links. Occasionally uses others to evangelize on their behalf.

The Evangelist uses every platform they think is useful to them and can be found especially on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

#3 The Constant Pessimist

7 Social Media Personalities - The Pessimist

Sadly, this personality type often uses social media as a public catharsis for some type of personal illness, trauma or injury. The Constant Pessimist’s posts are usually worry-filled, complaints or in severe cases, rants. In some unfortunate circumstances, the Pessimist may also be reacting to other posts, or online or real-life bullying.

Often uses Facebook to share long posts with detailed information about their situation. (We think this personality type probably needs the most concern and care (especially if responding via comments) and in some extreme situations, intervention.)

#4 The Eternal Optimist

7 Social Media Personalities - The Eternal Optimist

A personality type that’s always smiling, happy and positive, the Eternal Optimist is always posting “be the change you want to be in the world” types of posts. Often posting selfies of self, couple or family photos. Posts are full of positivity and gratitude, with “see how much I got done today”, “isn’t life spectacular”, inspirational and aspirational quotes and language. Uplifting for some, exhausting for others.

Though we’re not psychologists, we think that sometimes this personality is sometimes so over-curated that they just might be masking other real-life issues. Snapchat (for the younger crowd) is a favorite, with lots of filters and notes. Also Facebook and Instagram Stories for the visual appeal.

#5 The Culture Geek/Traveler

The Culture Geek, Traveler personality loves to show the world all the places they’ve traveled to. They like to project themselves as the well-lived, highly cultured individual who’s always uploading photos and videos (a lot of selfies) about their travels, nightspots, restaurants, favorite beaches, cities, hiking spots and landmarks. Someone who likes to show off where they’ve been, where they’re going and who they’re traveling with – an “I’m on the move, you can’t tie me down” personality.

Usually gorgeous photos of beautiful food, sumptuous drinks, mountains, backpacks, rivers, canoes, canyons, plus planes (wings, mostly), undersea adventures, boats and yachts,  and other vistas not-so-subtly proclaiming  “I’m outdoorsy and adventurous!”. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are favorite places to post, especially with videos, Facebook Live, and 360 formats.

#6 The Consummate Professional

 7 Social Media Personalities - The Professional

Usually an educated or credentialed professional, with some degrees, certificates and job experience to show to the world, this is generally the personality who is a career-minded, business oriented and wants to project themselves in a highly professional light. The CP usually posts almost exclusively on LinkedIn (sometimes on Twitter too), and could be an executive or influential leader. It could also be someone searching for a job or already in a job that they’re proud to talk about: “Yay, I’m so happy to be in this job at this great company!”.

The Professional uses social media as an extension of their career personality, which could be a brand, company, politician, a comic or a media personality. The Consummate Professional’s posts are meant to further themselves as an expert, authority, subject matter expert, mostly to support their goals of promoting themselves and their career. This personality often tries to add a touch of “authenticity” to their posts, to prove they’re real and as human as the next person.

#7 The Comedian

7 Social Media Personalities - The Comedian

The Comedian’s posts are usually wry, humorous, witty, or occasionally dripping with irony and sarcasm. One-liners, comebacks and insults are often tools of the trade, and Twitter is often a favorite place to be because it lends itself to pithy, smart, short and irreverent remarks.

Some comics in real life successfully extend their humor into their online persona – Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien are great examples of being the same person online as they are in their comedic careers.

That’s it – the 7 Personalities of Social Media.

So which social media personality are you?

(No worries if you’re a combination. We are too.)