Today, social media impacts regulated companies at every level of business.

Whether or not a company is using social media for marketing, customer service or competing in the market, a company can be certain its customers and employees are engaged in social media.

As such, every regulated company faces ever-increasing risks, complexity, scrutiny and regulation in their social media activities.

Risks can include:

  • Rogue or untrained employees posting inappropriate or confidential content
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities due to lack of clarity between personal vs professional profiles and activities
  • Reputational damage due to poor reviews or viral videos
  • Data breaches and privacy issues
  • Phishing attacks via social media
  • Fines imposed by regulatory agencies for non-compliance
  • Poor or broken record-keeping or archiving processes due to platform and technology proliferation and lack of integration.

The reality is that social media has become a complicated beast. Gaps in social media strategy, technology and processes can have a serious impact on your business. Risks can range from highly-public and rapid damage to your brand’s reputation, employee lawsuits, cyber attacks and fines to missed opportunities and lagging behind your competitors.

Implementing social media poorly (what we call the “we’ll just hire my 17-year-old cousin” approach) can be costly, especially for regulated businesses.

Ignoring social media completely is also simply not an option any longer, given the fact that your customers and employees are using it – whether you are or not.

Who we are

Pryme Group, LLC is a social media management agency serving regulated businesses and professionals. Our clients include companies in various highly-regulated verticals, including financial services, legal firms and healthcare organizations. We provide expert guidance on social media, balancing innovative marketing and growth strategies with smart risk management.

Our social media management services include social media strategy and best practices, marketing and growth strategies, risk and compliance management, workplace and employee social media policies, crisis management and employee training.

We bring our deep social media knowledge, technical chops and strategic skills to the table to help you navigate the peaks and valleys of social media, and to keep you ahead of the curve. We look forward to working with you.

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Our services include:

  • “State of the Company” Assessments
  • Strategic planning and consulting, risk and crisis management
  • Competitive, Trends and Innovation research
  • Regulations, governance and compliance assessments and recommendations
  • Employee policies and guidelines consulting and recommendations
  • Technology, platforms, data and operations assessments and recommendations
  • In-house employee training and workshops, C-level and executive training programs

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