Roxana Moolla is the founder and Principal of Pryme Group.  She has more than 20 years of technology, digital marketing and social media experience working with Fortune 500s, mid-market and startup companies. Before switching to a career in software engineering, she practiced architecture (the physical, real-world kind) for almost ten years. She held lead roles in seven startups including as Lead Developer for the startup that became Soon after, she became Chief Product Architect for a new-issue, municipal-bond trading software platform. That platform consistently ran $30 billion in annual trade volume and was ultimately acquired by TradeWeb.

By 2007,  it was clear that social media would soon have a significant impact on digital communications. To serve the growing needs of numerous clients, Roxana founded and ran a digital and social media agency, SocialBizNow. At the same time, she built and ran a social calendaring platform, NeighborhoodNow. In 2011, she wrote an early “How-to” book, “Facebook for Business”, aimed at helping businesses succeed with their social media efforts.

After returning to the corporate world as a social media strategist for both Autodesk and Williams-Sonoma, Roxana joined Wells Fargo in 2012. As Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy and Trends at Wells Fargo, she led social media strategy, trends and research. Her responsibilities included evaluating platforms and initiatives, and guiding the company forward in its social media efforts. While at Wells Fargo, she invented multiple social media and technology patents and received the 2015 Prodigy Award for Patent Innovation.

In 2017, she  launched Pryme Group as a digital management agency with deep expertise in social media for regulated businesses. Our vision is to help highly-regulated companies succeed in the face of ever-changing technology and customer expectations. We do this by helping companies use social media effectively and successfully while managing their risks.

“What really fascinates me is the intersection of the human experience and how we interact with technology. My favorite part of every engagement is when a client says “aha!” – those moments they feel excitement because they learned something new and feel empowered to make better business decisions.”

Roxana holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona. Born in Myanmar and growing up in the UK, she has also lived and worked in Canada and the US. She now lives in (and loves) the San Francisco Bay area, is an artist and a weekend-photographer, and enjoys hiking the Pacific coast as often as possible.

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